Bare Branches and Red Berries

Bare Branches and Red Berries

Bare Branches and Red Berries

A few waves of lake-effect snow crossed the region Wednesday morning, so I decided to hike a couple of trails at a nearby land preserve that extends over 150 acres and that I frequently visit. I hoped to witness the initial glimpses of wintry scenery.

When I arrived I noticed no other cars in the parking area, which is usually fairly full, and I realized I had the whole place to myself. Of course, the snow had just ended and the temperatures were still in the twenties, so the empty lot was not too unexpected. Nevertheless, I welcomed the lack of other hikers and appreciated the untraveled snow-covered paths.

As I walked the trails I observed most of the trees and underbrush, recently full of fall foliage, were now bare except for clusters of red berries that stood out in contrast with their stark and colorless backdrop, as can be seen in the accompanying photograph.

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