Fighting for the Rebound

Fighting for a Rebound

Fighting for a Rebound

As I have mentioned in the past, during this time of year the focus of my photography tends to be on college sports as much as nature and landscape. In addition to the men’s games in football, baseball, basketball, and soccer at Valparaiso University, I photograph some women’s sports as well, including softball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

I have noted in previous posts my admiration for the women in these sports, whose talent and physical abilities are sometimes incredible. In a recent entry, I especially commented upon the grace, quickness, athleticism, and agility displayed by the volleyball players.

Last night I shot photos at the regular season opening game for the Valparaiso University women’s basketball team, and I tried to capture images that reveal the strength and determination exhibited by these players. As can be seen in the accompanying photograph, their competitiveness is intense. Indeed, moments after this picture was snapped, one of the players inadvertently received an elbow in her mouth and had one of her teeth chipped, which led to her leaving the game for medical assistance to stop the bleeding.   


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