Cart Path at Chellberg Farm

Cart Path at Chellberg Farm sm

Cart Path at Chellberg Farm

I took advantage of clear but cool autumn weather Sunday morning to photograph a few scenes in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. I hadn’t been able to get to some of the spots in the park the past couple of weeks because they were closed due to the federal government shutdown.

Historic Chellberg Farm, situated within the national park property, was one of the locations I visited. In past posts I have snapped pictures and written commentary about this preserved site with its farmhouse and barns that date back to the nineteenth century. However, yesterday I was more interested in the vast forest areas around the farm, which I had hoped would display substantial fall coloring.

When I arrived, I was surprised to find almost all the trees still full of foliage and yet green, especially along the network of inner trails twisting through the woods. The warm conditions occurring most of this season appear to have delayed the transition usually witnessed in early October or in the middle of the month at the latest.

Indeed, this year only small patches of the woods have changed colors so far, including a short stretch of trees along a cart path that extends through the farmland and can be viewed in the accompanying photograph.


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