Awaiting the First Pitch

Awaiting the First Pitch

Awaiting the First Pitch

I enjoy taking pictures of nature images, and I know my scenic landscape photographs have greater popularity among viewers of this blog; however, as I have mentioned in previous entries, in the autumn I begin shooting more sports photos. With the weather changing and the university academic year underway, I have more opportunities to attend sporting events.

In addition, I acknowledge a special appreciation for sports photography, particularly since I find it more difficult than landscape photography. Indeed, for various reasons, the technical demands create a unique challenge for me, and I am pleased when I can capture a poignant moment in the middle of a game or freeze the players amid exciting action.

Thus far this fall I have photographed football, men’s and women’s soccer, volleyball, and softball. I’m also looking forward with great anticipation to basketball season starting in a few weeks. Each sport presents its own problems for photographers.

The accompanying photo displays Valparaiso University’s softball catcher awaiting the first pitch of a new season. Moreover, she is donning a special pink uniform designed for the team to wear during a game played in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

In a number of ways, the image seems to me to suggest a blend of opposing yet complementary characteristics—athletics and aesthetics, grit and grace, strength and softness, feminism and femininity—that often appear to be exhibited in women’s sports. These characteristics are exemplified by details in the picture, such as the bandage on the fingers or the ribbon in the hair. Furthermore, the photo shows a link between the luxury of pleasure in sports activities and the need for a sense of social responsibility, a connection frequently emphasized in such events at the university.


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