Warm Autumn Evening at Lake Michigan with Pam and Alex

Warm Autumn Evening at Lake Michigan sm

Warm Autumn Evening at Lake Michigan with Pam and Alex

Pam, Alex, and I decided a trip to the beach along Lake Michigan would be a perfect way to spend Saturday evening, since the afternoon weather had been unusually warm for the end of September. In fact, with temperatures in the mid-eighties, we also thought we should make a final trip to a seasonal drive-in diner located in a town not far from the lake. A chalkboard sign outside the place reminds everyone with a daily countdown that it will be closing next week and won’t reopen until late spring.

The restaurant has been around for nearly sixty years, and Pam remembers fondly the stops there with her family whenever traveling to the beach as a young girl. Alex enjoys its atmosphere because the walls are covered with old signs and license plates that contain lots of information or dates for him to read while we await our orders.

After dinner, we drove five minutes to the Indiana Dunes to feel the slightly cooler air along the coast, though the evening conditions remained mild. In addition, we watched while the sun descended through a few thin clouds and glowed in reflection upon the calm surface of the water.

Our stay proved to be soothing, as we sat at a picnic table between a couple of trees and talked awhile. Alex and Pam even sang together one of Alex’s favorite songs, “When the Sun Goes Down,” though I swear that is not why I walked away to take the picture included here.

Eventually, when we were about to leave for home, I could not help wondering about the arrival of typical fall weather and how that shift to colder conditions likely will occur soon. My thoughts offered me further cause to appreciate this temporary return to summer temperatures and to value our brief visit to the shore even more.

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