Uprooted Tree in Still River

Uprooted Tree in Still River sm

Upturned Tree in Still River

The fall semester of classes begins next week; therefore, I have felt the necessity to take a few more nature hikes, returning to various locations before the summer vacation officially ends. I revisited a river trail on Tuesday where I noticed the water was at its lowest level of the year and its movement stilled. When I walked the same route last April, I had witnessed a quick current caused by snowmelt and spring rains.

In addition, a number of the trees on the banks have now fallen, some toppled on account of soil erosion or wind gusts and others further deteriorated due to assorted elements of the normal ecological process. In fact, quite a few upturned trunks and dead branches littered the river with no flow to wash even the smallest limbs downstream.

As seen in the accompanying photograph, reflections of the surrounding scenery filled the calm surface of this tributary. In fact, one must look closely to distinguish the details of the landscape from their mirrored images in the river. In addition, the deadwood contributed a certain sense of texture and interesting contrast to the setting.

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