Nature Preserve Trailhead

Nature Prserve Trailhead sm

Nature Preserve Trailhead

Pam had a series of faculty meetings at school on Monday in preparation for the first day of classes on Wednesday. Consequently, Alex and I were left to discover ways to entertain ourselves.

Among our activities, in the afternoon we visited a nature and wildlife preserve that has a long network of boardwalks passing over dozens of acres of wetlands before leading to five miles of dirt trails winding through woods, around a meadow, and along the curves of a creek. I have traveled those trails a number of times in the past.

Though Alex and I limited our adventure—only spending a little more than an hour at the location and just walking the boardwalk paths, which extend between sections of the park set aside as sanctuaries for local and migrating birds—we spotted various types of colorful birds moving among nest boxes or feeders in the lovely scenery, and we appreciated the ideal weather.

The accompanying photograph displays a place where the boardwalk crosses a creek hidden in the lush summer growth of underbrush. This bridge also represents a trailhead where the boardwalk route ends, while the more rugged trails begin on the other side of the span and disappear into the distant woods.

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