Happy Birthday, Pam

Happy Birthday, Pam

Happy Birthday, Pam

Today we celebrate my wife Pam’s birthday. Therefore, I include my photograph displaying a bouquet of roses.

Since Victorian days rose bouquets have expressed strong emotional attachment. The grouping of roses into a bouquet represents feelings of romance and admiration of beauty. Pink roses add a message of appreciation for the gift receiver’s warmth, recognition of her grace, and gratitude for her generosity of spirit.

When the roses in the bouquet contain some white flowers with pink fringing, the mixture of sentiments expressed includes affection and tenderness. An arrangement composed of exactly a dozen roses symbolizes an endearing and enduring love that is endless because the twelve flowers signify the twelve months of the year and the twelve digits on a clock.

Consequently, I offer this image for Pam on her birthday—in addition to an actual bouquet of roses—as a reflection of all those feelings of love and thankfulness that I have for everything Pam does every day of the year for Alex and me.


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