Horizon Clouds at Sunset

Horizon Clouds at Sunset

Horizon Clouds at Sunset

I have commented in the past that I enjoy every opportunity to witness a sunset, especially when viewed across Lake Michigan, and that each time the experience is unique. No two images at sundown are the same, and certainly the exact effect created by the spectacle of scenery in such a situation cannot fully be predicted.

Though the afternoons were sunny and clear, my pair of evening visits to beaches at the Indiana Dunes this past week happened to occur when a thickening overcast suddenly formed along the skyline. Consequently, the bright circle of the sun remained hidden from view, yet the clouds along the horizon displayed a dramatic array of tints hinting at the sunlight radiating behind them.

Indeed, as seen in the accompanying photograph, the mixture of colors and their various hues exhibited in this distant palette seemed to establish a nearly abstract design in the sky and appeared to produce an overall setting that approached impressionism.


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