Finding a Friend

Finding a Friend

Finding a Friend

In my last post I mentioned a long hike I took Monday on a wooded trail to Lake Michigan and then beside the water for about a couple of miles. In that entry I noted that during much of my walk along the lake the beach was empty. I was alone and hardly met anyone as I strolled the length of the sandy stretch. However, I must acknowledge that I did find a friend who accompanied me for about a quarter mile.

As the photo above shows, while I was taking pictures an amiable stray dog approached me at one point and walked stride for stride right by my side, though occasionally dodging away for a moment to jump into a breaking wave or to chase a gull. I noticed the dog had a collar and belonged to someone, and eventually we came upon its owner, a young man who had been swimming somewhat farther down the beach and at a distance away from the shore.

After the two reunited, I spoke briefly with the fellow and thanked him for the pleasant company of his dog. Then I waved goodbye to my newfound friend, and I continued my journey home.

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