Late Sun Behind Clouds

Late Sun Behind Clouds

Late Sun Behind Clouds

Sunrises and sunsets are among the most frequently photographed natural events. Most photographers enjoy opportunities to preserve such settings. Indeed, as I have observed previously, some professional nature photographers recommend taking pictures almost exclusively during the “golden hours” or “magic hours,” those periods of daylight surrounding sunrise or sunset.

Although their basic characteristics are predictable, no two examples are ever exactly alike, and I never discover those sorts of scenes to be boring. In fact, though so much possibility exists in these photographed moments because of the dramatic lighting and dynamic range of color present, I also find snapping shots of them somewhat challenging.

I captured the image from early in the “golden hour” included here during one of my visits to Lake Michigan this past week. At the instant I froze this image, the sun was still a fair distance above the horizon, partially hidden by a few lingering clouds, and its light was only just beginning to color the horizon.

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