Injured Horse at County Fair

Horse at County Fair

Injured Horse at County Fair

Alex, Pam, and I visited the county fair on Wednesday. With bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s, the day was perfect for strolling through the animal exhibits, game booths, amusement rides, and other examples of entertainment available.

I don’t often take photographs of animals (though some can be seen in a set at my Flickr page); however, when we attend the fair, I look forward to photographing the horses, whose appearances sometimes seem to display their personalities.

Therefore, at one point while we were close to the equine section of the fair, I stopped to snap a few quick pictures. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the stables, almost all of the horses were absent, involved in a show competition at the nearby arena, and only a few remained in their stalls.

When I approached the horse in the accompanying photo, a small bandage on one of his legs indicated a slight injury, and it seemed as if he felt left behind by the others. In fact, as I tried to focus on him, he kept looking over my shoulder and off toward the distance where the other horses could be observed performing. Indeed, if one examines closely, a reflection of the scene can be seen in his eye.

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