Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

For a while I have been encouraged to organize my photographs under a formal label to distinguish them from personal snapshots. Furthermore, though I do not regard myself as a professional photographer, I do provide images to be published for non-commercial purposes, such as cover art for online literary journals or web pages for non-profit institutions, as well as action shots for sports sites.

In addition, with the recent format changes at Flickr, which are even more favorable to saving and displaying photos, I have opened a couple of accounts for preserving my images, one for categories of nature or landscape photography and the other for selected sports photography.

The nature and landscape photographs are collected under the title Oak Grove Photography, which displays all the daily photos shared thus far in 2013 among the entries of this journal. Within this catalog I have also begun to sort some of the photos into various sets thematically grouped.

The lilies in our back yard and other gardens around town have been blooming this past week, adding another wave of bright colors to the summer scenery. Therefore, I thought I’d offer this image, which is included among a set of floral pictures, and I invite readers to view my Oak Grove Photography web site.


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