Dudley Cottage Site Landscape

Dudley Cottage Site Landscape

Dudley Cottage Site Landscape

In a previous entry I chronicled my search for the location of artist Frank V. Dudley’s famous studio cottage that once stood among the dunes along Lake Michigan. Dudley and wife Maida constructed the four-room cottage in 1921, and it became a meeting place for artists and activists who worked to save the dunes as preserved parkland.

As I mentioned in commentary accompanying that post, all evidence of the building has disappeared since it was demolished nearly fifty years ago. In addition, the entire area has become overgrown by foliage as a result of nature’s reclamation the last half century.

However, researching details from maps or biographies as well as old photographs, and with the assistance of a naturalist at the Indiana Dunes State Park, I was able to identify the site where the “Dudley cabin,” as one primitive map labeled it, had once been situated along the beachfront.

That past post included a photograph I took from the position where the cottage had faced the lake, presenting the water view Dudley and his wife might have seen from their front porch or the windows of the studio. In that photo the sandy level spot of the cottage has since been filled with marram grass and a few small trees.

The picture I offer here is shot from an opposite perspective, looking inland from the lake toward a section of the landscape along the shore where Dudley’s Duneland Cottage, as he named it, had once existed. Looking at this image, observers should note that the structure had been placed on an elevated ledge almost one quarter of the way from the left frame and not far from the base of a sand blowout seen closer to the left frame, the final stretch of a trail descending toward the shore from Mt. Holden.

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