At the Beach

At the Beach

At the Beach

Pam and I took Alex to the Indiana Dunes State Park yesterday afternoon so that he could visit the exhibitions at the Nature Center. He was able to view displays concerning the ecology, landscape, animals, plants, and history of the region along Lake Michigan. Alex particularly enjoyed observing the animals—snakes, turtles, birds, etc.—common to the dunes, and he appreciated the interactive presentations about the gradual transitions of the land and water over time in the dunes region.

After our tour of the Nature Center, we perceived the daylong cloud cover had begun to break. Therefore, since Alex had been asking all morning to make a trip to the dunes, we decided to take a walk on the beach.

The past couple of days had been marked by severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and very strong gusts. In fact, one of the trees in our front yard had suffered significant damage.

Consequently, when we arrived at the shore we observed evidence that the lake had been swept by winds until completely covering the beach sands in the last two days. Some of the spots near the base of dune bluffs were still spotted with pools of water, and much of the sandy stretch along the shore yet showed dark marks stained by waves rushing over the sandbars.

In the accompanying photograph Alex and Pam can be seen sitting on a section of the beach that had recently been under water, and the remnants of storm clouds can be witnessed as they continue to blow across the lake.

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