End of the Trail

End of the Trail sm

End of the Trail

I traveled the length of two trails (number 4 and number 7) at the Indiana Dunes State Park on Thursday’s lovely afternoon. One of the trails climbed up a forest hillside until reaching its conclusion at a ridge with an opening through which Lake Michigan suddenly appeared, as can be seen in the accompanying photograph. This bright and warm vista contrasted with the darker and cooler conditions experienced along the wooded route I had followed.

During my trek I spoke with a friendly park ranger I’d met along the way. She informed me she was walking the trail in preparation for a guided ecological tour during which she would demonstrate temperature changes between the two sides of the dunes, a difference that could be as much as twenty degrees on occasion.

Although the journey was filled with fine views of twisted trees and rich greenery in the shaded undergrowth, the sometimes steep and often tough footing of the sandy path frequently required great exertion. However, that first fantastic glimpse of the vast lake revealed lying almost one hundred and fifty feet below the scenic dune ridge marking the end of the trail made me realize this arduous trip had been well worthwhile.

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