Florida Tropical House: Beverly Shores, Indiana

Pink House

Florida Tropical House: Beverly Shores, Indiana

The distinctive and striking beachfront home captured in the accompanying photograph is located in northern Indiana along Lake Michigan. Known as the Florida Tropical House, it is one of five modern homes that were built for display at the 1933 Century of Progress World’s Fair in Chicago.

Following the fair, Robert Bartlett bought the homes and had them shipped by barge across Lake Michigan to their current waterfront sites on Lake Front Drive in Beverly Shores, a new residential development he was promoting. Over the decades the five homes in the area, listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the Beverly Shores Century of Progress Architectural District, had fallen into disrepair; but this house recently has been renovated and its elegance restored, as currently are the other properties.

This dramatic flamingo pink home overlooks a beach I have visited various times to take pictures, and its view includes the skyline of downtown Chicago, which can be seen in silhouette on the far side of the water during any clear day, but especially when lit against a dim evening sky.

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