Lake Seen Through Trees

Lake Seen Through Trees sm

Lake Seen Through Trees

Now that June has arrived and lush undergrowth has filled much of the landscape along trails I follow, many of the spots I easily visited in winter have become almost inaccessible or completely unapproachable. The accompanying photograph displays an example, offering the image of a small lake along one of the paths I have traveled often in the past.

In January or February I frequently made my way all the way to the edge of the lake to take pictures of its frozen and snow-covered surface. However, even though three weeks before summer, already my passage toward the water has been blocked, and the best view I am able to obtain from the trail is through an opening in trees that border the route.

Nevertheless, when I come upon the gap in the tree line this time of year, the suddenly available scenery looming ahead is almost surprising in its splendor and always pleasing to encounter.

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