Farm Field Under Field of Clouds

Farm Field Under Field of Clouds

Farm Field Under Field of Clouds

Pam, Alex, and I attended a Celebration of Wildlife festival at Sunset Hill County Park on Saturday, which featured an array of animals brought by various organizations, veterinary offices, and a Michigan City zoo. The event also included informative and entertaining demonstrations, as well as a guided hike along one of the wooded trails. Pam has written about our trip in her recent blog entry at One Autism Mom’s Notes, which I highly recommend.

Sunset Hill is a location I have commented about in past posts, and the site was once a working dairy farm with about 235 acres of property before being donated to the county. At one point during our time there, while Alex was having a snack Pam bought from one of the refreshment concessions and the two were sitting on a bench beneath a tree, I slipped away for a couple of minutes to quickly snap a picture of a portion of the park not crowded with visitors.

In the accompanying photograph—aimed away from the exhibition tents, the activity gatherings, and an alley of food trucks—I hope to present a bit of the past, a glimpse at an open field that represents how most of the original farmland appeared before its transition to a public park. Though the conditions were windy, we were fortunate and the weather stayed clear much of the afternoon. However, this snapshot also offers evidence of the interesting lingering cloud formations that shifted swiftly overhead all day as pockets of rainstorms continued to move through the region.

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