Swollen Stream

Swollen Stream sm

Swollen Stream

Yesterday was the final day of May, a date that is regarded as the formal close of the meteorological spring. Therefore, last evening’s television weather programs focused on analyzing the past season’s statistics, particularly noting how there have been near-record levels of moisture in most locations within the region.

In addition, numerous cities and states throughout the Midwest have set new records for accumulations of rainfall. Indeed, although we have avoided the very severe conditions witnessed with the violent tornadoes in other states, during the past couple of weeks northern Indiana has especially experienced a sequence of strong thunderstorms. In fact, the current forecast calls for a continuing series of forceful storms over the weekend.

Consequently, water levels for various nearby ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams have been very high recently. Moreover, some local waterways have risen above what is expected for this time of year, a few even exceeding flood stage, as can be seen in the accompanying photograph taken two days ago of a normally narrow stream that has swollen and overflowed its banks, widening and spreading beyond its usual edges to engulf bordering underbrush and tree trunks, as well as washing away portions of the winding trail I often walk on a route that parallels the stream.


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