Loomis Lake, Early Evening

Lake, Early Evening

Loomis Lake, Early Evening

The other evening when I was walking around the rim of Loomis Lake just as sunset was giving way to twilight, I noticed the atmosphere seemed unusually calm and quiet. This setting in spring normally includes numerous individuals walking dogs and jogging or cycling along the lakeside paths, fishermen trolling in small boats and casting lines from the ends of the various piers jutting into the water, as well as couples sitting closely on the park’s wooden benches.

However, as I regarded the appealing scenery around me, with the undisturbed surface of the lake reflecting a gradually darkening blue sky and displaying a growing accumulation of lily pads, I observed that I was the only person within sight. Consequently, I concluded this occasion must be a rare opportunity to capture the stillness and serenity of the situation, and I quickly snapped the photo above.

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