Prairie at Foundation Meadows

Prairie at Foundation Meadow

Prairie at Foundation Meadows

As evidenced in numerous pictures I have shared, some of the routes I regularly hike contain striking views of rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds, or they wind through parks with various displays of colorful floral growth planted for effect. However, a few of the trails I follow cross preserved prairie landscapes, places where the native habitat has been maintained or the original ecosystem restored so it can be seen in a condition close to its authentic state.

By definition, these spots are less diverse and perhaps not as vivid or scenic; however, I find them interesting for the sense of authenticity they present. In addition, I perceive a simple beauty of nature in their appearance. Moreover, these locations also provide a certain amount of appeal because they are havens for a variety of wildlife and serve as bird sanctuaries.

One of those rehabilitated sites I frequently visit, the Prairie at Foundation Meadows, is merely two minutes from my home and only covers twenty acres. Yet, I find it fascinating that such a unique natural setting is positioned in the middle of the city surroundings.

The stated purpose of the area is for “creating a native tree arboretum and restoring upland, mesic, and wetland ecosystems, which had existed prior to agricultural activity.” In the accompanying photo, I offer a view from the trail that exhibits the typical kind of environment existing there.

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