Lily Pads Covering Silver Lake

Silver Lake in May

Lily Pads Covering Silver Lake

Numerous lakes and ponds spot the landscape of Northwest Indiana, lingering remnants of that glacial age about 16,000 years ago. Some of them fill each spring and summer with lily pads, and a sure way of measuring progress of the seasonal weather is to gauge when the surface is completely covered, camouflaged by those floating green leaves.

Nearby Silver Lake is usually one of the first to become hidden each year by aquatic plant growth. Indeed, only when visiting in winter am I able to observe the true extent of the water’s surface, which always disappears from sight by the time summer arrives.

Nevertheless, though the appearance of the setting then becomes dramatically different, I believe it often seems much more lush and photogenic. As I checked the lake a few days ago, I noticed it was nearly completely covered already in mid-May, its edges invisible within scenery now sporting summery imagery, as can be seen in the photo above.  



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