Late Light at the Lake

Late Light at the Lake 1

Late Light at The Lake

After dinner on Wednesday, the weather was still warm and winds had calmed, so I drove to the lake near my home for only about half an hour to snap a few photos. I arrived while late daylight yet lit the sky, and the lakeside remained empty of any activity, as seen in the accompanying photograph.

However, merely fifteen minutes after capturing the image above, dozens of sportsmen arrived and eagerly prepared for some night fishing, seeming especially pleased because the season for which they’d waited all winter had at last begun.

By the time I left, the light had diminished significantly and fifty or more fishermen became a circle of shadowy figures casting their lines along the edge of the lake. Some even wore waders and ventured out from the shoreline, their dim silhouettes advancing across the water’s surface.

As I started my drive home, I observed the scene and thought about how the evening appeared to be ideal. I recalled similar situations so long ago when I had enjoyed night fishing with my father. Suddenly, I could again appreciate the attraction for angling in such a serene setting, and I decided I’d return sometime this summer to photograph that as well.


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