Moon Glow


Moon Glow

My Wednesday evening class finished about fifteen minutes early, which meant I was driving home exactly at sunset. Since the day had become somewhat warmer and the winds calmed, I decided to stop briefly and take a picture capturing the first glimpse of moonlight reflecting on a nearby lake at twilight.

When I snapped the photo above, I didn’t realize my lens had caused a pattern of flare around the moon. However, I liked the effect, and I felt it lent a dynamic sense to that element of the picture while everything else exhibited a mood of stillness and tranquility. Therefore, rather than remove the glow, I took advantage and emphasized it.

In addition, because the air was motionless and the sky was cloudless, the deep blue forming above reflected perfectly on the nearly undisturbed water below, and a pool of moonlight on the surface of the lake stood out even more in contrast.  I appreciated the way a row of trees silhouetted against the blue sky also was mirrored on the blue lake water. Finally, I thought the house lights gleaming on the opposite side of the frame from the moon seemed to present a nice balance in the image.



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