Flood Stage

Flood Stage

Flood Stage

After a week of heavy rains, snow showers, and sleet many of the local waterways have been stretched beyond their flood levels. Therefore, when clear skies and brilliant sunshine showed Sunday, I decided to hike a trail along the Little Calumet River and shoot pictures of the overflow of water beyond the banks.

I was surprised by how far the flooding extended, encompassing much of the bordering woods and fields. In fact, various sections of the trail also were submerged, and I was frequently required to find a way through those parts by climbing heights and opening my own path in the undergrowth.

In the photo above, the river’s current has spread about a hundred yards beyond the tree line that grows from slopes normally defining its banks. Long limbs of bare trees shine brightly, reflecting the vibrant daylight, and are mirrored in the colorful muddy water, creating a scene that seems to resemble the kind of imagery one almost might expect to see in an impressionist painting.


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