Decaying Barn in April

Decaying Barn April

Decaying Barn in April

Yesterday morning we awoke once more to snow flurries. With the absence of warmth continuing into mid-April in northern Indiana, I have been unable to photograph signs of spring growth usually evident about this time of year. Indeed, by today’s date last year I had already begun to take pictures of the local gardens showing a delightful display of colors—the flowers beginning to bloom and the fruit trees budding in much milder circumstances.

However, due to the extended presence of chilly air, empty flowerbeds, and bare branches, I have found it necessary to seek other subjects for my photos in recent weeks. Therefore, I have added to my portfolio more images of worn or weather-beaten barns abandoned and left to slowly deteriorate.

In previous posts I have expressed affection for various declining structures—farmhouses, barns, sheds, or stables—that exist as icons of the country landscape, and I have written of my disappointment in seeing so many broken down buildings lingering in their condition of disintegration. As I drive rural roads around my region, I am dismayed with each instance upon which I discover another example. Nevertheless, I always feel obligated to capture an image, perhaps creating a picture of an old farmhouse or barn evoking an interesting past and lending character that sometimes also seems to contribute to a compelling bit of surrounding scenery.

The photograph above displays a dilapidated barn that appears to offer little remaining proof of its once productive state. The exterior exhibits chipped paint and splintering wood. The interior has been exposed to the elements due to smashed windows and missing wall boards. Inside, I notice only mounds of rubble or boxes filled with rubbish, as well as some rusted metal fencing that might be more appropriately observed in a junkyard.


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