Dune Slope on Good Friday

Dune Slope Good Fri

Dune Slope on Good Friday

Pam, Alex, and I visited the Indiana Dunes State Park along Lake Michigan yesterday, something that has been a tradition for Pam and me since we spent our first date together there 29 years ago. As a participant, Alex seems to enjoy walking the beach, stepping through the soft sand, tossing shells or pebbles into the water, and peering across the lake to see an outline of the Chicago skyline visible on clear afternoons. In fact, during our initial visit to the dunes Pam and I climbed high up the slopes for that better view into the distance.

Actually, that earliest trip to the shore by Pam and me took place on April 20, which is how Pam correctly recalls the date; however, I have always remembered the day as Good Friday. (Indeed, I must confess I just searched Google to determine once more the date of Good Friday in 1984.) Therefore, we have an opportunity to celebrate the occasion twice each year.

Since Easter weekend happened quite late in 1984, three weeks further along on the calendar than this time around, the weather was quite a bit warmer than this weekend’s 50-degree temperatures. Flowers were blooming, and trees along the ridges displayed full foliage. Still, the lakefront was inviting yesterday—flooded with bright sunlight shining through cloudless skies and allowing a good view again of the Chicago skyline. Only a steady onshore breeze continually chilling the air kept the day from being completely comfortable.

A number of sandy trails stretch across the higher rises of the dunes, routes camouflaged within the woods and underbrush. In the photograph above that I took yesterday, I have captured the dune slope along which Pam and I followed one of those hidden paths, stood to view the sights, and shared our first kiss those many years ago.

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