New Footbridge

New Bridge

New Footbridge

Thursday was dominated by strong sunshine as temperatures rose into the fifties and the skies held a rich blue tint all afternoon. As I walked along a park path between a pair of flower gardens, I noticed the first green sprouts of spring growth breaking through the surface of the soil.

Though the trees remain empty and fields of nearby farms yet appear bare and brown, yesterday’s slightly warmer weather and bright sunlight seemed to suggest seasonal change has finally arrived. Indeed, with the celebration of Easter this Sunday and major league baseball beginning at the start of next week, maybe the time is right at last for this region to experience milder conditions.

In the photo above that I took during my hike, I have captured an image of a new footbridge crossing a dry creek bed, perhaps a perfect picture to represent the freshness of spring and the anticipation of its characteristic elements. Even the slightly colorful stones placed below either end of the bridge remind me a bit of the dyed eggs to be found decorating children’s baskets this weekend.

Certainly, the scene seems a bit stark for now, as the wooden span—plain and not yet weathered—arcs beneath bare branches and above a shallow waterless channel. However, I know this view will be completely changed in only a couple of months, the limbs thick with leaves and spring rainstorms supplying a steady stream of water coursing beneath the bridge.

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