Willow Tree in Wintry Landscape

Willow Winter_tonemappedi

Willow in Wintry Landscape

An early spring snowfall Sunday night left another light covering of white over everything Monday morning. As I observed a field near my home, I noticed once again how a willow tree emerged among others in that surrounding and yet wintry looking landscape, its long and flowing leaves still colorful in contrast with the grayscale backdrop.

In two of his journal entries from 1856, Thoreau expresses admiration for the willow, and he even seems to suggest a personal association with the tree:

“May I ever be in as good spirits as a willow! How tenacious of life! How withy! How soon it gets over its hurts! They never despair. Is there no moisture longer in nature which they can transmute into sap? They are emblems of youth, joy, and everlasting life. Scarcely is their growth restrained in winter….” [February 1856]

So vivacious is the willow, availing itself of every accident to spread along the river’s bank. The ice that strips it only disperses it the more widely. It never says die. May I be as vivacious as a willow.” [June 1856]

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