First Week of Spring


First Week of Spring

When I was paying bills this week, I noticed an item on the heating charges that reminded me how warm temperatures were during the beginning part of 2012. The utility bill contains statistics each month that compare current conditions to those recorded one year ago.

According to the numbers, daily average temperatures through late February and early March of last year were 15 degrees higher. Indeed, by this time last year, there were days when temperatures had surpassed 80 degrees, and the first blossoming from buds or other evidence of settling spring arrived well ahead of schedule.

As I have mentioned in recent posts, the weather thus far this March has been cold and windy as temperatures each day have barely topped the freezing mark, even on days of bright sunlight. In fact, while I traveled around town yesterday I observed geese and ducks swimming in small openings left between new skins of ice on the surfaces of ponds and small lakes.

The extended forecast calls for more of the same in the upcoming week as well as into the start of April, and apparently any true evidence of a milder season will not appear too soon. Looking to take pictures, I am eager for the rich colors of freshly filling gardens, but I feel as though the landscape is now caught in a holding period between the more photogenic elements of snow in winter and floral growth in spring.

Nevertheless, I satisfy myself with photographs like the one above—which displays a barn along a line of trees still empty under clouds in a blustery March sky—as I chronicle the waiting period we must endure before those initial transitions to spring clearly begin to show themselves.

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