North Winds over Lake Michigan

North Winds

North Winds over Lake Michigan

The first few days of spring have been dominated by brisk and frigid north winds, which quickly sting the skin when walking any distance. Though only a couple of scattered squall lines of light snowfall have moved through the area, and a bright sunlight has deceptively shone most of the time, March continues to feel like winter in Northern Indiana.

Nevertheless, the shoreline along the Indiana Dunes remains one of the locations I like best when those Canadian breezes blow onshore from Lake Michigan. Though mounds of cloud cover forming above the water sometimes seem almost as ominous as in mid-winter, I know no major storm is approaching.

Yet, the gray waves beneath them always appeal to me. On rare days when windblown rolls extend along the shoreline, rising high with white breakwater that appears dramatic, I am reminded of my time growing up along the east coast in New York.

When I was young, I loved the Atlantic views along Long Island, especially during winter when the beaches were bare but for a group of gulls that might be scavenging through the surf. In blustery weather like that we’ve witnessed this week, these images of Lake Michigan, like the one captured in my photo above, resemble somewhat those ocean sights I recall so fondly.

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