Dune in Late Winter

Dune in Late Winter

Dune in Late Winter

Though most of the snow has melted and spring officially arrives later this week, chilly March breezes continue from the north. Therefore, despite a strengthening sunlight and lengthening days, colder temperatures yet prevail, especially when gusts blow over Lake Michigan and sweep across the dunes.

In the image above I have tried to capture this late winter wind that lingers along the shore, sometimes well into April. The marram grass bends in an onshore breeze beneath cloud cover. Lake waves lap at the empty beach beyond a dune, which has shifted a little with each seasonal storm. Bare trees nearby seem to stand sentinel along a ridge, watching over those wind-whipped waters in the distance while the stark silhouettes of their limbs contribute a bit of drama to the scene.

Though the view may seem somewhat harsh when contrasted with the images of spring or summer in this same setting, I acknowledge that I find a special sort of beauty in the depicted vista. As my wife will verify, I have a fondness for fog and days that are cloudy, as well as an affection for mornings in which the details of a terrain are partially hidden in mist. I usually prefer these conditions to bright sunny afternoons.

In fact, I enjoy the manner in which the picture displayed here appears to accurately evoke in me feelings for a few of the elements present during this time of year. While others already long for spring and eagerly await its eventual transition to milder weather and new growth, I savor these tenacious remnants of winter still clinging onto the landscape, even deep into the early weeks of spring.


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