Footbridge After Late Winter Snowfall

Bridge Late Snow

Footbridge After Late Winter Snowfall

I know we are only one week from the official beginning of spring, and I have noted my anticipation of photographing changes in the landscape over the next couple of months; however, I must admit I will be a bit disappointed to see the wonderful wintry images disappear. I enjoy very much capturing the clean snow-covered ground, the long lines of bare branches, the ice patterns of frozen lakes, and the nearly monochromatic scenery under a cloud-filled sky.

Therefore, after the latest snowstorm blew through northern Indiana last week, I headed out to various locations to snap some pictures just in case this signified the final significant snowfall of the season. I wanted to retain the serene and still atmosphere I’d witness so often throughout my winter walks in nature.

One example of the mood I was seeking can be viewed in the photograph above. This picture was taken in a park less than five minutes from my house. The footbridge in the image represents the starting point for a complex of trails that rise up a hillside and spread throughout wooded terrain winding around a few small lakes. Many of the paths in the network are ones I have yet to walk.

When I arrived at the site, the snowfall had only recently halted, and I was the first to travel any of the trails through the new accumulation of nearly a foot. Though cold, the air was suddenly calm, and I was compelled by the quiet of the setting to attempt a photograph that also depicted a tone of tranquility.


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