Hidden Bridge

Hidden Bridge

Hidden Bridge

Recently, while walking a trail that winds along a riverbank, I turned one of the bends and saw this image before me. The morning had been cold, though the temperatures hardly dipped below freezing, and there was stillness in the air.

A fog and light snowfall had hidden the bridge until I’d nearly arrived at its location. As can be seen in the photo, the coloring of the span blends well within its setting. In addition, the structure’s low profile parallels the terrain in which it has been placed.

The morning’s wet snow had already left a layer of white on everything, and the covering on the railings of the bridge seemed to imitate the coating of snow showing on the fallen trees or long limbs extending across from either side of the waterway. However, unlike the surface on most of the length of the river I’d traveled, the water beneath the bridge had been sheltered a bit from the elements and not yet frozen.

Instead, as I noticed more fully when I got closer, that patch displayed a dark and reflective appearance that nicely mirrored the surrounding scenery. Elsewhere, a thin crust of ice spread from bank to bank, often overlaid by a shallow accumulation of fresh snow pack, which sometimes created delightful designs of its own.

When I reached this point in my trip, I paused for a while just to listen to the almost imperceptible sound of the lazy current echoing under the bridge, and slightly surprised by my find, I stopped to admire the subtle beauty of the view that had suddenly opened in the distance ahead of me.


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