Start of March at Rogers-Lakewood Park

Start of March at Rogers Park

Start of March at Rogers-Lakewood Park

Since Friday represented the start of March and the beginning of spring break, I decided I wanted a picture of the afternoon conditions, still cold and a bit snowy. Over the decades I’ve now lived in Valparaiso, I have noticed the landscape or weather between the opening and closing of this month in Northern Indiana can contrast greatly. The transition can be quite dramatic in some years, as every element of the scenery is affected.

Therefore, on my way to the university to collect midterm papers deposited in my office mailbox by students before leaving for vacation, I stopped for five minutes at Rogers-Lakewood, a county park very close to my home. I intend to snap a similar photo at the end of March to examine any visible changes in the setting.

The cloudy skies and chilly sub-freezing temperatures kept away any company as I stood by Spectacle Lake to take the photograph above. I must confess; one of my reasons for enjoying January or February walks in the park relates to frequently having the place to myself. In addition to expected changes in the natural appearance of the landscape over the next few weeks, I know the park grounds will also be filled with many more visitors by the time spring officially arrives.

As almost always in winter, I found the snow-covered grass and frozen surface of the lake framed by long overhanging limbs of empty trees created a calm and quiet mood. Indeed, despite the longing for warmer weather usually associated with spring break, the atmosphere and aesthetic beauty of this location in the late-winter weather once again eased any eagerness I might otherwise feel for the appearance of spring’s signs.


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