Footbridge in Early February

Footbridge Early February

Footbridge in Early February

On Tuesday afternoon Alex, Pam, and I decided to take a brief walk at a local park when the skies had cleared after a morning storm. Once more the waters of the lakes, ponds, and streams were frozen and covered by a layer of snowfall, but the long thin limbs of tree lines along their banks already brightened in an angling sunlight of late day. Shadows of narrow trunks extended across the smooth surfaces of snow.

We’d also arrived at a time when the walkway of the small, slightly arched footbridge seen in the photo above was still white with fresh snow not yet worn away by anyone crossing to the sloping path rising uphill on the other side.

Though a pocket of cold air remained, the early winds had diminished, and the sunshine presented an appearance of more warmth to come, perhaps the beginning sign of another stretch of snowmelt on the way as latest weather forecasts had predicted, maintaining this winter’s continual pattern of week-long freezes followed by short periods of thaw.

Therefore, I knew we were fortunate to visit just then, even if for a short stay, and I was pleased to have an opportunity to capture the unblemished scenery seen in this picture.


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