Post Card: Coffee Creek

Coffee Creek PC i

Post Card: Coffee Creek

When I took the photograph above while walking along Coffee Creek early one day after some snow blanketed the area, I felt the serene scene would be a perfect post card setting. Therefore, I decided to design an altered version of my own.

During this era of instantaneous communication through images carried across the Internet and attached to text messages, the concept of a post card now seems a bit slow and antiquated. However, there also exists a certain feeling of romanticism and nostalgia attached to such old-fashioned notifications to others about one’s journeys.

Therefore, I have always had affection for picture post cards. In fact, in my old office, where I worked for more than twenty years before moving into a new building this past fall, I continually filled the walls above and around my desk with a steady stream of post cards accumulated from friends, family, and former students who were traveling in overseas programs.

The snowfall depicted in this picture had resulted from a long line of stormy weather forming as the edge of a cold front slicing through the region. Consequently, thermometer readings had dropped sharply overnight, and the temperatures for the duration of my hike were quite frigid.

Still, the current of the creek kept its surface from completely freezing just yet, and I liked the contrast between the darker water, accented with a touch of blue from the sky’s reflection, and the soft white border stretching along the undisturbed banks of the creek or interspersed with underbrush up the slope of this little ravine. The morning’s calm and quiet, broken only by the murmur of flowing water rippling past and coming after a blustery period the previous evening, appeared to offer a temporary sense of tranquility I greatly appreciated.


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