Wagon in Farm Shed


Wagon in Farm Shed

When I visit a farm in winter, I especially like to photograph various types of equipment stored in sheds until spring. During this portion of the year, those objects seem to signify the rewarding labor of other seasons, and even on the coldest afternoons, their presence often offers me a reminder of kinder conditions, as well as a sense of hope for the future, a promise that milder days will be returning in a couple of months.

In addition, I appreciate the way color and texture of worn wood, rusted metal, faded stain or peeling paint in my photographs of farm objects appear as evidence of experiences endured in the past. Furthermore, the abilities of the tools or gear to sustain the wear and tear of extended use season after season act as symbols of survival, items that also assure continuity.

In this photo taken when Alex and I stopped by Sunset Hill Farm during one of our daily drives, an old wagon cart is parked in a storage shed, along with some machinery and assorted parts, everything partially revealed from the shadows by the harsh angle of light from a low sun during a chilly mid-afternoon in January. The absence of leaves in the thin limbs of a tree seen looming behind the small building reflects the current lack of activity as all remains bare, left in a state of waiting with expectation for better times and warmer weather.


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